1st January 2017 

IMPORTANT.Misprint on trial schedules, the Novice A/V trial is actually on Friday 20th January, the draw will be held on 8th January. Sorry for the confusion.  IMPORTANT 


25th November 2016  

Novice Cocker trial draw has been postponed until 1st December, due to lack of entries.


30th August 2016

IMPORTANT- Training for September has been changed to 25th September to accommodate for the Kent Spaniel club using the training ground for their working test on the 18th September.


11th August 2016

Link for entry form and schedule for our Working test taking place on 4th September, below.

 Autumn test


11th August 2016 

Due to the resignation of our Chairman Terry Steadman, Mr Gordon Bowers will now act as chairman of the club until the next AGM when the position can be voted on. We wish Terry all the best for the future, and hopefully will see him at a few trials this year. 


31st July 2016 

Please see extract taken from the Kennel Clubs  Field Trial Newletter Summer 2016.


Guidance on the procedure for judging the hunting ability of a Spaniel

There is a concern, which has been raised by many experienced Spaniel handlers and judges, that the current approach to judging the hunting ability of a Spaniel is often not being adapted to the conditions on the day and does not appropriately reflect the natural instincts of the dogs. Owing to this judging style, trials are now being won by dogs that have been trained to virtually ignore the wind and hunt in an almost robotic face wind pattern, being rigidly and purposely kept within only a few feet of the handler. This technique makes the dog double and treble hunt its ground as it has so little ground to work within. Loose game is often moved or flushed quite close simply by the existence and pressure from the trial line; however, handlers are expecting to be credited with a find for such a flush.

The procedure for judging, as expected by the Regulations, requires that during a trial Spaniels will, at all-times, cover sufficient ground with correct use of the wind in order to find game on its beat. There are two aspects to this:

1. The dog, within reason, should cover an adequate amount of ground within its two guns. How much is adequate? Depending on terrain it would be reasonable to expect a dog to cover a 10 to 15 yard beat on either side of the handler, comfortably allowing any game flushed to be well within shotgun range. A dog should be expected to work with minimum handler assistance (Regulation J(C).7 refers) with the handler remaining more or less central between the guns and the dog quartering and making good the ground on either side. Dogs are increasingly being over assisted in this and led from one side of their beat to the other with handlers doing almost as much quartering as their dog.

2. The dog should also work a wind in such a manner that any game can be brought within scenting range (Regulation J(C).7 refers). A dog cannot scent game when hunting from an incorrect wind direction, therefore, when working a back (following) wind a dog must pull out from its handler and systematically work the ground back towards the handler. Pulling out fifteen to twenty yards or so downwind of the handler would be an acceptable distance. During this procedure the handler should stand still, allowing the dog to work all the ground back to the handler. This also has the benefit of trapping game between handler and dog, preventing game slipping away which can happen in any type of cover. Guns that are not experienced at shooting over Spaniels will often push on in these circumstances, therefore, Judges should at all times be aware of wind direction and if necessary request guns to stand still and allow the dog to work the ground correctly. Side and quartering winds pose a slightly different problem as dogs will appear to hunt at an angle to the handler. This again is the dog using the wind correctly but is often incorrectly judged as the dog having a ragged or uneven pattern.

Malcolm Taylor 


16th June 2016

Still time to enter our water test and free barbecue which is on 17th July.

Water Test schedule and entry form 


1st June 2016

New adverts on our dogs for sale page.


1st June 2016

Trial dates can now be found on the Field trials page, schedules will be sent out shortly. PREFERENCE IN DRAWS TO FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS, please check your standing orders.


13th April 2016

The money raised from the raffle at this years Spring Working Test is being donated to the Stroke Association in memory of John Pay. The total amount raised was £129.50  


5th April 2016


It is with regret and deep sadness that one of my first duties as Chairman is to report to you the death last night of our former Chairman, Mr John Pay. I'm sure you will join me in passing our condolences to his wife Sylvia.

Terry Steadman