Results of the 176th Field Trial Meeting

16 Dog Open Qualifying Cocker Spaniel Stake, 09 October 2017

Venue: Ripley, Surrey, by kind permission of Sir Rocco Forte

Judges: Mr J Cook and Mr S Wanstall

Our thanks to the Head Keeper, Mr Graham Frankish for all the hard work that goes into making the day a success. The weather was kind to us, we were taken into some fantastic spaniel ground which produced game from the start. The guns shot well, putting sufficient game on the ground for the dogs to be tested. .

1st Mr A Waterhouse's Cocker bitch, FTCH Spiriteddawn Mystic

2nd Mr A LoCurto Cocker dog, Ladecourt Appollo of Templevalley

3rd  Mr J Nightingale Cocker dog, Spiriteddawn Midnight

4th Miss A Hayes Cocker bitch, Timsgarry Jynx



Mrs E Kennard Cocker dog, Cheweky Joup at Braebeate                      Mr A Waterhouses Cocker bitch, Samsirs Eavan

Miss T Siwek Cocker bitch, Deepfleet Suzanne 



Guns Choice

Mr A Waterhouse Cocker bitch, FTCH Spiriteddawn Mystic